How to Check Character Count in Pages?

Looking for how to see character count in Pages? Learn how to show character count and other statistics in Pages with our guide.

Irrespective of the device used for typing, having a comprehensive detail of the work done is important. Seeing the stats lets us know if we are making headway while telling us how much longer before we complete the job.

Hence, it is important and needful for us to view information keeping track of our work. We have shown how to easily display the required information and statistics on Word and Google Docs. Now, let us examine Pages.

Pages is the word editor software compatible with Apple. Viewing information such as character count, word count, paragraph, and pages would become easier with the following steps:

  • Select the document whose character count you want to check
  • Click the calendar-like icon on the top left corner of the toolbar
  • On the drop-down menu, choose the show word count
  • Word count icon appears on the bottom of the page

To view more information, including character count, paragraphs, and pages, move the mouse pointer over the right side of the word counter icon. Once you click on the arrows that appear, the stats would appear.

One unique thing about Page word editor is that you can change the position of the word counter to any part of the screen that suits you. Also, once you select a text, the counter automatically updates, reflecting the statistics of the selected text.