How to Check Character Count in Word?

Looking for how to see character count in Word? Learn how to show character count and other statistics in Word with our guide.

Are you a writer? Do you want to start keeping tabs on the number of characters you input while writing a document? Do you fear starting because you feel it would be tedious counting the number of characters in your documents? Please permit me to say your fears are false.

While typing on your computer, MS Word takes note and records every character you strike on the keyboard. Microsoft Word records and stores this information for you, making it easy to retrieve.

You can check your character count as easily as you check your word count. Follow these steps to check the character count of your document.

  • Select the document whose character count you want to learn
  • Open the document
  • Click on the Review tab
  • The first window in the review area houses the proofing section. Click on the icon with the alphabets

If you follow the above steps correctly, you would see these stats including:

  • Number of lines
  • Word count
  • Character count without and with space
  • Paragraph count
  • Pages

An alternative and easier way to obtain the above information is by clicking the word count on the bottom left corner of the page.