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What Is Dale-Chall Readability?

As a writer of any form or niche, you should be concerned with how readable your texts are. Edgar Dale and Jeanne Chall came up with a method for evaluating your content's readability.

Dale-Chall readability formula is an assessment that gives a number scale of the readability of content. It uses a list of simple monosyllabic words that even a fourth-grader would read comfortably. As the scores increase the readability decreases.

Here is the formula for calculating the score of the Dale–Chall readability:

0.1579 × (100 × total difficult words ÷ total words) + 0.0496 × (total words ÷ total sentences)

Here are the interpreted Dale–Chall readability scores:

4.9 or lower4th grade or lower
5 - 5.95th or 6th grade
6 - 6.97th or 8th grade
7 - 7.99th or 10th grade
8 - 8.911th or 12th grade
9 - 9.913th to college

How Can You Increase Dale-Chall Readability Score?

You can increase the score by including more of the words in the updated Dale-Chall familiar words. These words, which are simple and monosyllabic, make the passage even easier to read.

What Is the Dale-Chall Readability Calculator?

This online tool can be used to calculate the readability of a text using the Dale Chall readability formula. All you have to do is to paste your whole content or the passage you want to evaluate into the input above.

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