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What Is the Find and Replace Tool?

The find and replace tool allows you to find and/or replace any characters, words, or sentences in your text. To use it, you only need to import text from a document or copy and paste it from a document/webpage into the fields and then fill the boxes with your options.

How to Use the Find and Replace Tool

Follow the simple steps below:

  1. Enter text in the Text box - import text from a file on your computer or copy and paste the text from a document.
  2. Enter the text you want to replace in the Find box (e.g., if you want to replace the word "data", write "data" in the box).
  3. Write the word you want to replace the text with in the Replace box (e.g., if you want to replace the word "data" with "dataset", write "dataset" in the box).
  4. The new text will appear in the box below.

To start again and replace new text, simply delete the text in the Text box and repeat steps 1-4.

Why Use the Find and Replace Tool?

Save time using the find and replace tool to manage text in your documents. Use the online find and replace tool to:

  • Quickly identify mistakes in a document or long batch of text (e.g., change "effect" to "affect").
  • Change certain words in a document automatically (e.g., change "weekly" to "biweekly").
  • Update names in a long document (e.g., change "Joe Bloggs" to "Mr. Joe Bloggs").
  • Identify and correct spelling mistakes (e.g., change "Jo Blogs" to "Joe Bloggs").
  • Anonymize information in a document (e.g., replace names or companies with the word "Redacted" or "Anonymous").
  • Replace all incorrect figures with the correct data (e.g., change dates, times, numbers, codes, etc.).
  • Amend phrases written incorrectly with a different saying (e.g., change "one in the same" to "one and the same").