What Is Pig Latin?

Pig Latin is a made-up language that isn't official to any country, but is instead used as part of code-speak or a game. The idea is that using the language allows you to communicate in secret with someone else (assuming they don't also speak and understand Pig Latin).

The concept of the language is relatively simple. There are three main rules for converting any language to Pig Latin:

  1. Take away the first letter of a word, then add a new word that uses the first letter of the word with "ay" added to it e.g., hello becomes ello-hay
  2. For words that start with a vowel, you add "ay" to the end of the word e.g., enter becomes enter-ay
  3. For words that start with a consonant, all letters are removed until a vowel is reached and then all removed consonants are used to create a second word, with "ay" added to the end of it e.g., happy becomes appy-hay

Pig Latin is thought to have originated in America in 1919 when a song called "Pig Latin Love" was released by singer-songwriter Arthur Fields of Columbia Records. The subtitle for the song "I-Yay Ove-Lay ou-yay earie-day" is allegedly the first notable reference to the language.

Is Pig Latin a Real Language?

Technically, Pig Latin is not a real language. It's mostly used to speak in code or secret, either as part of a game, a hidden conversation, or just for fun. The translations are unrelated to Latin and the name is simply a misnomer.

What Is Hello in Pig Latin?

To say "Hello!" in Pig Latin, you would say: Ellohay!

To say "Hi!" in Pig Latin, you would say: Ihay!

What Is the Pig Latin Translator?

The Pig Latin Translator with sound will convert your text from any language to Pig Latin. Simply type or paste your text i nto the box, and it will show you the Pig Latin translation and give you the option to listen to how it sounds when spoken aloud.

How to Use the Pig Latin Translator

Here's how to use the Pig Latin translator to easily translate your text from any language to Pig Latin:

  1. Type your text in the box
  2. Your translated text will automatically appear

To use the translated text, simply copy and paste it where you'd like to use it.