What Is the Sentence Counter?

The sentence counter is a simple online tool that automatically shows text statistics, including the number of sentences. The tool defines a sentence as words followed by a closing punctuation mark, like a period, exclamation mark, or question mark.

How to Use the Sentence Counter

Follow the instructions to count sentences:

  1. Input text into the box or paste text from a document, webpage, or other application.
  2. View the sentence count to see how many sentences are in the text, or other statistics like character count or word count.

To count the number of sentences in a different document, simply delete the text in the box and replace it with the new one.

Why Use the Sentence Counter?

Counting the number of sentences in your text can be helpful for:

  • Data analysis of a document or webpage (e.g., analyzing whether a blog with more sentences gets more/less views than a document with fewer sentences).
  • Checking if text meets the requirements before submission (e.g., checking if an essay or blog post has enough sentences before publication).
  • Understanding how many sentences a page has (e.g., a typical A4 Word document contains 20-30 sentences).
  • Proving a point to a friend or foe (e.g., a message you sent only had 10 sentences, so they should have read it).
  • Ensuring an interview or exam question has been answered satisfactorily (e.g., tell us how you reached this answer in no more than 10 sentences).
  • Learning if you use enough periods in text when writing (e.g., whether an average A4 Word document you write contains 20-30 sentences or 10).
  • Understanding your personal writing habits (e.g., how many sentences you use when writing job-related or academic documents).