What Is an Invisible Character?

An invisible character is a character that leaves a blank space between two characters in the text and can be created using special character codes or tools. This character is mostly used to send messages on social media platforms like WhatsApp or to create stylish text in games.

What Is a Whitespace Character?

A whitespace character, or simply space character, is a character that leaves an invisible area between two words in the text and can be created with the "Space" key on the keyboard.

What Is the Invisible Character Copy Paste Page?

This invisible character copy paste page allows you to create a character that isn't a space bar but can't be seen on screen like a space bar. Simply copy the characters and click paste to use the invisible characters.

For example, you can paste the invisible characters on WhatsApp to send a blank message, on Instagram to create a blank username, or on a mandatory question in an online form so you can proceed while leaving it blank.

How to Create and Send an Invisible Character

Follow the simple instructions below to create an invisible character:

  1. Click on any of the invisible characters to copy to the clipboard.
  2. Test it by right-clicking the mouse and selecting paste or holding Ctrl + V simultaneously.
  3. Paste the invisible character where you need to use it.

To create more invisible characters, repeat steps 1-3.

Why Use the Invisible Character Generator?

Invisible characters work like space bars in that they are blank text. Using an invisible character is more beneficial than using a space bar for several reasons:

  • Send empty messages on WhatsApp: WhatsApp doesn't allow empty text messages to be sent, or even messages that just contain a space bar. This is a failsafe to stop unintended blank messages from being sent. If you want to send a blank message to a friend on WhatsApp, you can send an invisible character (using the online tool) instead.
  • Invisible Space for Free Fire (FF): Free Fire, a popular Battle Royale game produced and distributed by Garena for Android and iOS, requires players to define a nickname for their account. If players want to include an invisible space in their nickname, they can use invisible character to achieve the desired spacing.
  • Fill out forms without inputting information: Some online forms require text to be inputted before you can proceed. Smart forms won't allow you to proceed if you put a space bar into these fields. A hack to get around these limitations is to use an invisible character. Simply enter the invisible character into the field and proceed without answering the question.