Bold Serif

Bold Sans Serif

Bubble Text I

Bubble Text II

Blackboard Bold



Fraktur Bold

Full Width



Handwriting Bold

Italic Serif

Italic Sans Serif




Square I

Square II

Tiny (Subscript)

Tiny (Superscript)



Double Slashthrough


Strikethrough Vertical


Double Underline






Random I

Random II

Random III

Random IV

Random V

Random VI

Random VII

Random VIII

Random IX

Random X

Random XI

Random XII

Random XIII

Random XIV

Random XV

How to Create Fancy Text

You can create fancy text with Font Changer Online. All you have to do for this is write the text you want to look stylish or cool in the box above. You can use any characters you want while typing your text. Finally, you can press the copy icon next to the font styles to copy the font you like.

What is Font Changer Online?

Font Changer Online is an online tool that allows you to write stylish text on Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Discord, and Skype. Apart from these platforms, you can use this tool as a cool nickname generator. You can make your nickname more interesting in games such as PUBG, CS: GO and produce beautiful nicknames in 2023 with different fonts.

How Does Font Changer Work?

Although the number of characters on your keyboard is limited, computers and phones can recognize tens of thousands of characters. Computers that supported only 128 characters (ASCII) in the past can now support and detect many characters thanks to Unicode. Additionally, every year the Unicode standard expands with more characters, symbols, and emojis, and many new characters, from country flags to various icons, become understandable by all computers.

Font Generator Tool allows you to write a fancy text that you can use on platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and many online games by using symbols that are not on the keyboard. While doing this, it replaces each letter you enter as input with text symbols.