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What Is the Reading Time Calculator?

The Reading Time Calculator helps you estimate the reading time for your text. The tool also shows you the number of words and characters in your text.

How to Use the Reading Time Calculator

  1. Simply input the text into the text box. You can also click on the upload icon to upload a DOCX or TXT file, which will be parsed for the text.
  2. Customize the words per minute (WPM) using the range slider below. The higher the WPM, the less reading time will be required.
  3. The reading time will be automatically displayed under the text box.

What Is the Average Reading Rate?

According to the study, the average oral reading rate is 183 words per minute (WPM). For silent reading, adults typically read at a rate of 238 WPM for non-fiction and 260 WPM for fiction.

The same study also indicates that reading speeds are generally slower for children, older adults, and those for whom English is a second language.

How Long Does It Take To Read 1000 Words?

For oral reading, with an average rate of 183 words per minute (WPM), it would take about 5.5 minutes to read 1000 words.

For silent reading, the time required depends on the type of text being read:

  • Non-fiction: With an average reading rate of 238 WPM, it would take approximately 4.2 minutes to read 1000 words.
  • Fiction: With an average reading rate of 260 WPM, it would take approximately 3.8 minutes to read 1000 words.