What Is Syllable Count?

English words can be divided into syllables for easier understanding. Syllables are the parts that makeup words in the English language. The sound of the words divides it into syllables. Hence, you can determine the number of syllables by the vowel sound.

Basically, syllable count is determining the number of vowel sounds a word has. For example, the word 'consonant' has three vowel sounds in it. con - (o); so - (o), nant - (a). The vowel sound may have more than one vowel letter, but syllable count has to do with the sound and not the letters.

It presents a way through which one can master pronunciation in the language of English.

How Can You Count Syllables?

You can count syllables using two methods, the chin and clap methods.

Chin method

The chin method is very easy as you need just your hands-on jaw to pull it off.

When you pronounce words, your chin moves, and your jaw tends to drop when it's a vowel sound. So, you place your hand on your chin and slowly call out the words. The number of times your chin/jaw falls into your hand is the syllable count. Thus, if you pronounce the word 'consonant', it falls three times.

Clap method

The next one is the clap method. In this procedure, you clap your hands each time you hear a vowel sound. The number of syllables depends on how many times you clapped. Do, for the word 'broadcast', how many times would you clap?

What Is the Online Syllable Counter?

Online syllable counter is an online tool for counting syllables. You can use it for many words and sentences where the chin and clap methods are not efficient.