What Is Considered a Drunk Text?

A drunk text is a message sent after drinking alcohol. It usually involves saying things you wouldn't say when you are sober, which is why they are mostly considered embarrassing or a mistake.

For example, it could include sending an "I miss you" text to your ex, an expression of love to someone you are attracted to, or a hook-up text.

Because you are drunk typing, the text usually has bad grammar, non-existent or overused punctuation, and poor spelling. It can be difficult for the receiver to decipher what a drunk text means and what is actually being said.

People can usually tell if you've been drinking because of the time of day (usually late at night or in the early hours) and because of the bad spelling.

How to Act Drunk Over Text

Here's how to act drunk over text if you want to pretend you've been drinking:

  • Don't use grammar or don't use it properly
  • Skip using punctuation or use too much of it e.g. "You should come out!!!!!!!"
  • Misspell words
  • Send 1-2 short messages in a row
  • Use emojis excessively
  • Express feelings you may not express if you were sober or say random things that are on your mind

These are some very obvious signs of a drunk text.

How to Drunk Text

To drunk text someone, you can:

  • Actually get drunk - (but you may regret it the next morning!)
  • Simulate a drunk text by following the rules above - (although be careful not to get caught out!)
  • Use the drunk text generator - it quickly (and believably) converts your message from English to drunk in a matter of seconds

The easiest way to drunk text is to use the drunk text simulator.

The slurred speech generator instantly converts your text from English to drunk. The tool is clever and believably misspells words by switching letters that are close to one another on a keyboard.

For example, when you type "A", it may replace it with Q, W, S, or Z.

How Does the Drunk Text Generator Work?

Here's how to use the drunk text generator:

  1. Type or paste your text into the box
  2. Select drunkenness level
  3. Click "Generate Drunk Text"
  4. Your drunk text will automatically appear
  5. Copy, WhatsApp, or Tweet the drunk text instantly using the share buttons