Convert Text to Uppercase

The uppercase converter will change any text into capital letters. It will keep all existing capital letters and convert all lowercase letters to capitals.

Using all capital letters for your sentence can help it stand out to readers. This converter is a quick and easy way to change headers, titles, and large amounts of text into capital letters.


Convert Text to Lowercase

The lowercase converter will change all of your text into lowercase letters. This means it will change all capital letters contained within your text (including names, places, titles, and the first word of a new sentence) to lowercase letters.

here is an example of lowercase text.

Upside Down Text

The upside-down text converter will flip your text around so that it displays upside-down to readers. This is a fun and unique way of displaying your text. You can use the upside-down text converter to flip your text upside down and/or back to front.

Reverse Case

The reverse text converter will reverse your text so that it displays back to front. It will flip your text around to make every word and the entire sentence appear backward.

esac esrever fo elpmaxe na si ereH

Random Case

The random case calculator will change your text so that it randomly includes a mix of upper and lowercase letters. Since the random case converter is randomized, different letters of your text will alternate between being uppercase and lowercase every time you use the tool.

hErE iS aN eXAmpLe oF RAndOm CaSe.

Proper Case

The capital case converter will capitalize the first letter of each word. This is great for students, professionals, or bloggers who are writing titles when writing for the web.

Here Is An Example Of Proper Case.

Toggle Case

The toggle case converter will change your lowercase letters to uppercase, and uppercase letters to lowercase.

Example: ToGGLE CasE -> tOggle cASe